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CJA Photowalk In Al Bastikya With Horizon International School, Dubai

CJA Photowalk In Al Bastikya With Horizon International School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

Horizon International School got a group of students with a passion for photography and videography, to join the photowalk around Al Bastikya, Dubai.


On Sunday 30th October 2022 the Ignite team was invited by the school to head up a CJA theory session and photowalk to Al Bastikya which in the Al Fahadi district of Dubai. This area is great for street, portrait and cityscape photography.

The students arrived at the school for 10am where the Ignite team held a 45 min theory lesson on the basics of photography. The students understood how to put the cameras into auto mode and what compositions are best to use when starting their photography journey. After the short session we boarded the bus for the 25 minutes drive to Al Bastikya to start our photowalk.

Through the 3 hour photowalk the students got to take photos of a camel, the winding alleys, the amazing exteriors of the buildings, artworks, spices in the souk and some portraits of local people working. The Ignite team also showed them some hidden spots to get the best photos in the area.

We continued the photowalk through the colourful spice souk and ended up at the abra boats to get our last remaining photos. We were back on the bus at 230pm and arrived back at school at 3pm.

The students, the teachers and the Ignite team absolutely loved their time spent in this amazing part of Dubai.























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