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Photography Photowalk In Herne Bay, UK

Photography Photowalk In Herne Bay, UK

Written by Nick Arundel

A 2.5 hour photography photo walk around Herne Bay in the UK


On a scorching summer morning in Herne Bay, Kent, UK, Ignite Creative Academy hosted an exciting photography photowalk for young shutterbugs. This special event brought together 10 budding photographers, aged between 8 and 15, for a 2.5-hour journey through the picturesque landscapes of Herne Bay. Armed with cameras and guided by experienced mentors, the young participants explored the vibrant coastal town, capturing the essence of its beauty. Let’s take a closer look at this creative adventure.

The photowalk, organized by Ignite Creative Academy, provided an incredible opportunity for children to develop their photography skills while enjoying a day of artistic exploration. Herne Bay’s stunning backdrop, with its iconic beach huts, the historic Herne Bay pier, enchanting gardens, and the elegant clock tower, offered the perfect canvas for these young photographers.

Despite the sweltering summer heat, with temperatures soaring to approximately 30 degrees Celsius, the young photographers were undeterred. Their enthusiasm and passion for photography kept them going as they captured the unique sights and colors of Herne Bay.

o ensure that all participants could fully engage in the photowalk, Ignite Creative Academy offered loaner cameras to those who didn’t have their own. This thoughtful gesture ensured that no aspiring photographer was left behind, and everyone had the opportunity to unleash their creativity.

Following the photowalk, the students eagerly awaited their results. Ignite Creative Academy promptly compiled and edited the photos taken during the event, and these stunning snapshots were then emailed to each participant. This not only allowed the young photographers to relive their memorable experience but also provided them with a valuable portfolio of their work.

Ignite Creative Academy’s photography photowalk in Herne Bay was a memorable and educational experience for 10 talented students. This event not only fostered a love for photography but also enabled these young artists to showcase their unique perspectives of Herne Bay’s beauty. As the sun set on this hot summer day, the memories captured through their lenses would serve as a lasting reminder of their creative journey and the fun-filled day they spent exploring the vibrant coastal town of Herne Bay.

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