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Photography Photowalk In Canterbury, UK

Photography Photowalk In Canterbury, UK

Written by Nick Arundel

A 2.5 hour photography photo walk around Canterbury, Kent in the UK


Ignite’s latest photowalk took us to the historic city of Canterbury, where 15 enthusiastic photographers from across Kent joined us for a day of creativity and exploration. Blessed with perfect weather, the event was a resounding success, allowing participants to capture stunning images of Canterbury’s rich heritage and vibrant atmosphere.

Armed with their cameras, the photographers roamed the city’s picturesque streets, capturing iconic landmarks such as Canterbury Cathedral, the ancient city walls, and the charming medieval architecture. The favorable weather provided excellent lighting conditions, resulting in some truly remarkable photographs that showcased the beauty and character of Canterbury.

This photowalk was more than just an opportunity to take photos; it was a chance for photographers of all skill levels to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other. The sense of community was palpable as participants exchanged tips, discussed techniques, and admired each other’s work. Ignite is proud to see our community of photographers growing, united by a shared passion for capturing the world through their lenses.

The success of the Canterbury photowalk is a testament to the enthusiasm and talent of the participants, as well as the supportive and collaborative spirit that Ignite fosters. We are thrilled to see our community expanding and are committed to providing more opportunities for photographers to come together, learn, and create.

As we look forward to future events, we invite more photography enthusiasts to join us and be part of this exciting journey. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Canterbury photowalk for making it such a memorable and enjoyable experience. Stay tuned for more adventures with Ignite as we continue to explore and capture the beauty of Kent and beyond.























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