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Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Woodlem School, Ajman

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Woodlem School, Ajman

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Dubai Schools,, Nad Al Sheba, Dubai


gnite’s Photography Workshop at Woodlem School: A Journey Through Creativity and Business

Introduction: Ignite, a passionate community of photographers, took a memorable trip to Woodlem School in January 2024. The purpose? To host an exciting photography workshop with the enthusiastic Grade 11 students. The aim was to delve into the basics of photography and explore the intriguing world of photography as a business.

Background: Ignite, known for its commitment to nurturing creativity through photography, joined hands with Woodlem School for an insightful session. Woodlem School, a hub of education and innovation, provided the perfect setting for a creative exchange.

Event Overview: On a picturesque day, Ignite conducted two workshops spanning four hours each. The students, armed with Canon 4000D cameras, embarked on a journey to capture the essence of their surroundings within the school’s enchanting gardens.

Basics of Photography: The first workshop was dedicated to unraveling the fundamentals of photography. From understanding different shooting modes to playing with the vibrant palette of colors, students were guided through the nuances of creating visually captivating images.

Business of Photography: The second workshop delved into the business side of photography. Students gained insights into turning their passion into a profession, discovering the potential avenues and the entrepreneurial spirit required in the field.

Student Engagement: The hands-on experience with the Canon 4000D cameras in the school gardens sparked creativity among the students. Enthusiastic questions and discussions filled the air as they navigated the world of photography under Ignite’s guidance.

Impact on Students: The workshop left a lasting impact on the students, igniting their passion for photography. Feedback from both students and school staff indicated a newfound appreciation for the art and the potential career paths it offers.

Visual Highlights: Witness the magic through the lens with captivating photographs taken during the workshop. The Canon 4000D cameras captured the essence of the school’s gardens, showcasing the students’ evolving skills.

Thank You and Acknowledgments: A heartfelt thank you to Woodlem School for the warm welcome and the students for their enthusiasm. Special thanks to Canon for providing the 4000D cameras that allowed the students to explore their creativity.

Future Collaborations: Ignite looks forward to future collaborations with Woodlem School, aspiring to continue fostering a love for photography and creativity among students.

Call to Action: Stay tuned for more updates on Ignite’s upcoming workshops and events. Follow us on social media and join our community as we continue to explore the world through the lens.

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