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Ignite Schools Workshop @ At St Marys School, Whitstable, Kent , UK

Ignite Schools Workshop @ At St Marys School, Whitstable, Kent , UK

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop  @ St Marys School,  Whitstable,  UK


Ignite had the pleasure of extending our photography workshops to St. Mary’s Catholic School in Whitstable, spanning four enriching days. Our visit encompassed every form from Year 3 to Year 6, offering students a comprehensive introduction to the world of photography.

Each session began with a brief theoretical overview, where students learned about the various functions of the camera and explored fundamental concepts of composition and framing. Armed with newfound knowledge, they eagerly ventured outdoors to the playground, where they embarked on capturing the essence of their classmates and the natural beauty of flowers.

The palpable excitement and enthusiasm among the students were evident as they eagerly snapped away, experimenting with different angles and perspectives to create captivating images. It was heartening to witness their creativity and passion flourish with each click of the shutter.

Our visit served as a precursor to an upcoming after-school club scheduled for terms 5 and 6. This introductory session offered students a glimpse into the exciting opportunities that await them in the extended program, providing a taste of the engaging activities and projects they can look forward to.

We are thrilled to continue our journey with St. Mary’s Catholic School and are eagerly anticipating the start of the after-school club. It is our hope that through these workshops, students will not only hone their photography skills but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for the beauty that surrounds them.

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