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Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Victory Heights School, Dubai

Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Victory Heights School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Repton School, Dubai


Returning to Victory Heights School in Sports City was a delight for us at [Your Company/Organization]. After successfully conducting a workshop for Year 6 earlier in the year, we were thrilled to be back, this time engaging with the enthusiastic Year 5 students. With a school boasting a five-form entry and over 25 students per form, we had the privilege of igniting creativity in over 100 budding photographers.

Over the course of three exciting days, students eagerly embraced the opportunity to explore the art of photography with Canon cameras in hand. Guided by our experienced team, they delved into the basics of composition, lighting, and perspective, all while unleashing their imaginations to capture the world around them.

The energy and enthusiasm radiating from the students were truly contagious as they ventured outdoors, snapping shots and discovering the beauty in every frame. From playful portraits to captivating landscapes, each click of the shutter marked a moment of discovery and expression.

As our time at Victory Heights School drew to a close, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in witnessing the growth and passion of these young photographers. Their eagerness to learn and willingness to experiment filled us with hope for the future of creative expression.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Victory Heights School for welcoming us once again into their vibrant community. It has been a privilege to be a part of nurturing the artistic talents of their students, and we look forward to future collaborations that continue to inspire and empower young minds.

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