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Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Royal Guildford School, Dubai

Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Royal Guildford School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Royal Guildford School, Dubai


Throughout May, Ignite had the pleasure of visiting Royal Guildford School every Friday to offer teaser photography sessions to Year 5 students. These sessions aimed to introduce the students to the captivating world of photography, combining both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Each of the six Year 5 classes participated in a two-hour session, carefully structured to provide a comprehensive introduction to photography. The sessions began with an engaging presentation covering the basics of photography, including understanding camera settings, composition techniques, and the importance of lighting. This theoretical groundwork equipped the students with essential skills and a keen eye for detail.

Following the theory, the students had the opportunity to explore the school grounds, applying what they had learned. Armed with cameras and newfound knowledge, they captured a variety of subjects, from their classmates to the vibrant school environment. This hands-on experience not only reinforced their learning but also sparked a genuine interest in photography among the students.

We were delighted to see the creativity and enthusiasm of the students as they experimented with different angles, perspectives, and lighting conditions. Their eagerness to learn and explore was truly inspiring, and it was a joy to witness their progress over the course of the month.

As the academic year draws to a close, we look forward to the possibility of returning in the new school year to continue fostering the students’ love for photography. Thank you, Royal Guildford School, for an unforgettable month of creativity and learning!

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