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Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai

Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Safa British School, Dubai


Ignite recently had the pleasure of spending three dynamic days at Ranches Primary School, a proud member of the Cognita network of schools. Our team engaged with numerous classes, providing a variety of interactive and educational activities that left a lasting impression on both students and teachers.

Throughout our visit, we conducted workshops designed to spark curiosity and foster creativity. The students participated eagerly, embracing new challenges and showcasing their talents. From hands-on projects to collaborative learning exercises, each session was filled with energy and enthusiasm.

Our time at Ranches Primary School was marked by a vibrant exchange of ideas and plenty of fun. The students’ eagerness to learn and their infectious enthusiasm made every moment enjoyable. It was heartening to see the joy on their faces as they explored new concepts and honed their skills.

The success of our visit was made possible by the warm welcome and support from the school staff, who were instrumental in facilitating smooth and productive sessions. Their dedication to providing a holistic education experience for their students aligns perfectly with Ignite’s mission to inspire and educate.

As we reflect on this wonderful experience, we are already looking forward to our return in the new academic year. The positive feedback from both students and teachers motivates us to continue delivering engaging and impactful programs.

Ignite remains committed to nurturing young minds and helping them realize their full potential. Our collaboration with Ranches Primary School is a testament to the power of innovative education and the joy of learning. We can’t wait to be welcomed back and to create more unforgettable memories with the incredible students at Ranches Primary School.

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