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Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Gems Wellington School, Al Khail, Dubai

Ignite Schools Powered By Canon @ Gems Wellington School, Al Khail, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Safa British School, Dubai


Over an exciting two-day period, Ignite visited Gems Wellington School in Al Khail, Dubai, to provide Year 7 students with an enriching experience in photography. The students participated in mini workshops where they had the opportunity to explore the art of capturing images using a camera.

Focusing on the theme of sustainability, the students roamed the school grounds, taking photos that highlighted various aspects of sustainable practices within their environment. Each student then selected their favorite photo to edit, honing their skills in both photography and digital editing. The culmination of this project will see their chosen photos displayed proudly around the school—a significant honor that recognizes their creative efforts and encourages them to take pride in their work.

This initiative not only allowed students to engage with photography in a hands-on manner but also emphasized the importance of sustainability through their lens. The experience of having their photos exhibited throughout the school is a remarkable privilege, fostering a sense of accomplishment and inspiration among the young photographers.

Ignite has a long-standing relationship with Gems Wellington School, having collaborated on numerous occasions to enhance the students’ learning experiences. Our team is dedicated to continuing this fruitful partnership and looks forward to returning in the new academic year to further support and inspire the students.

By providing opportunities like these, Ignite aims to spark creativity, build confidence, and promote important values such as sustainability among young learners. We are proud to be a part of their educational journey and to witness the incredible talent and enthusiasm of the students at Gems Wellington School.

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