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Ignite Photowalk Powered By Canon @ Al Bastikya, Dubai

Ignite Photowalk Powered By Canon @ Al Bastikya, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A 3 hour photography photo walk, powered by Canon, around Al Bastikya, Dubai.


Ignite, in collaboration with Canon, recently organized a captivating photography photowalk through the historic streets of Al Bastakiya in the heart of old Dubai. The event brought together seven passionate photographers, eager to explore the charm and beauty of this iconic area.

A Journey Through Time

The 3-hour photowalk took participants on a journey through the enchanting Al Bastakiya, revealing its rich history and vibrant culture. The itinerary included stops at the old spice souk, the contemporary Al Fahidi neighborhood, and the picturesque waterfront of the colorful creek.

Powered by Canon

Canon, a leader in imaging and optical technology, powered the event, providing participants with the opportunity to experience the latest in photography equipment. The combination of Canon’s cutting-edge technology and the historic backdrop of Al Bastakiya set the stage for a truly unique and inspiring photowalk.

Enthusiastic Participants

The event attracted seven enthusiastic photographers, each bringing their own unique perspective to the table. From seasoned professionals to budding talents, the diverse group added to the creativity and energy of the photowalk.

Memorable Moments Captured

To ensure that the participants could relive the experience, all seven photographers had their captured moments sent to them. This thoughtful touch allowed them to compile a visual narrative of their day, preserving the memories and emotions attached to each photograph.

Highlights of the Photowalk

  1. Old Spice Souk: Participants immersed themselves in the aromatic and vibrant atmosphere of the old spice souk, capturing the essence of a time-honored trading tradition.
  2. Al Fahidi: The group explored the juxtaposition of the old and the new in Al Fahidi, capturing the architectural beauty and cultural diversity of the area.
  3. Colorful Creek: The photowalk concluded with a stroll along the colorful creek, providing photographers with breathtaking views and a canvas of vibrant scenes.

Ignite’s photography photowalk through Al Bastakiya, powered by Canon, was a celebration of creativity, history, and the art of storytelling through images. As the participants received their curated photos, they not only gained a collection of visuals but also a profound connection to the rich tapestry of Old Dubai.























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