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Ignite After School Club @ At Whitstable Endowed School, Whitstable, Kent , UK

Ignite After School Club @ At Whitstable Endowed School, Whitstable, Kent , UK

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop  @ Whitstable Endowed School, Kent, UK


At Whistable Endowed School, Ignite proudly facilitated an engaging 11-week after-school club, attracting an impressive enrollment of 30 enthusiastic students. Throughout the program, participants delved into various photography topics, exploring new techniques and honing their skills with each session.

Structured around a different theme each week, students embarked on a journey of creativity and discovery, capturing moments and expressing their unique perspectives through the lens. Armed with cameras and workbooks, they documented their progress, creating personalized journals filled with cherished memories and stunning images.

A highlight of the program was our photowalk around the picturesque Whistable Harbour and the historic Whistable Castle. Against the backdrop of these scenic locales, students unleashed their creativity, capturing the essence of their surroundings in a series of remarkable photographs. The photowalk not only provided valuable practical experience but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the beauty of their local environment.

Buoyed by the success of the 11-week club, Ignite is thrilled to announce our return for term 5. This time, we will be offering a condensed 5-week course, welcoming even more students from Whistable Endowed School to join us on this exciting photographic journey. With fresh topics to explore and new skills to master, we eagerly anticipate another term filled with creativity, learning, and unforgettable moments behind the lens.

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