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Ignite After School Club @ At Swalecliffe School, Whitstable, Kent , UK

Ignite After School Club @ At Swalecliffe School, Whitstable, Kent , UK

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop  @ Swalecliffe School,  Whitstable,  UK


Exciting news from Ignite as we expand our reach to include Swalecliffe School in our after-school club offerings for terms 3 and 4. Welcoming three eager Year 5 students, we embarked on a transformative 10-week journey of photography exploration.

Throughout the program, our small yet dedicated group of students immersed themselves in the art and craft of photography. From mastering camera techniques to exploring composition and lighting, each session was a blend of hands-on learning and creative expression.

The school grounds became our canvas as we ventured outdoors, capturing the beauty of our surroundings through the lens. Students eagerly snapped away, documenting their perspective of the world around them. From playful portraits to scenic landscapes, their photos reflected a newfound appreciation for the art of photography.

A highlight of the program was the printing of their best photos, which were carefully curated and added to their workbooks. These personalized journals became a testament to their growth and achievements throughout the course, serving as cherished keepsakes of their photographic journey.

Encouraged by the success of our inaugural after-school club at Swalecliffe School, Ignite is delighted to announce our return for another 10-week program in terms 5 and 6. We look forward to welcoming more students and continuing to inspire a passion for photography in the young minds of Swalecliffe School.

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