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Greenfields International School – EXPO 2020

Greenfields International School – EXPO 2020

Written by Martin Turner

In Feb 2022 Ignite Creative Academy hosted a ‘Week Without Walls” at Greenfield International School. The week without walls programme is a week where the students are out of the school programme and can pick from a number of free and paid activities.  


There were over 35 students that chose the CJA programme and Ignite had two teachers on site to the cover the week 

The students learned many different topics from exposure, lighting and composition with the main aim in getting the student from auto mode to manual mode. 

On the fourth day of training, we planned a day trip out to Expo2020 where the students could take plenty of photos of many different genres and have a really enjoyable photography day. The students went into the Japanese pavilion, the Singapore pavilion and the main dome. 











On the way back to the school the students picked their favourite that would be printed by Canon so it could be showcased on the Friday to the rest of the school. 

On the Friday we set up each student with their own area to show other students their completed workbook and printed photo. The principal and Nick then visited each student to congratulate them on their hard work that week and their photo.

It was a really good week spent in Greenfields and were really looking forward to Week Without Walls 2023 when CAJ will be  back!!

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