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CJA December Half Term Workshop @ Gems DAA School, Dubai

CJA December Half Term Workshop @ Gems DAA School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA December workshop @ Gems DAA School


15 new students were present for the CJA December half term workshop. 5 days learning all about the fundamentals of photography and helping these budding photographers start their journey.

The workshop was located in Dubai at the amazing Gems Dubai American Academy school in Al Barsha.

With a Canon 4000d camera given to each student and a workbook to completed throughout the week the students loved getting creative with their photography.

The students started in auto mode at the beginning of the workshop and by day 4 they were confident enough to start taking photos in manual mode by themselves. This was due to learning all about the exposure triangle which includes shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

Each student also got a photo albulm which is where they could stick all their favoutite photos that they had printed and have a nice keep safe booklet to look back on if ever they need to.

At the end of then workshop each student got a Canon certifcate for their participation and the Ignite team look forward to seeing them in future workshops 














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