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Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Victory Heights, Dubai

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Victory Heights, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

Ignite Schools Workshop Powered By Canon @ Victory Heights, Dubai


We recently paid a visit to Victory Heights School in Sports City to impart valuable knowledge and skills to a group of enthusiastic Year 6 students. The event was a resounding success, with 70 eager young minds in attendance.

The Workshop:

Ignite’s team kickstarted the day with an engaging photography workshop that combined theory and practical experience. The young shutterbugs were introduced to the world of photography through a mini theory lesson. They learned about the basics of photography, including camera settings, composition, and the art of storytelling through images.

Hands-On Experience:

Following the theory session, the students were provided with Canon DSLR cameras to put their newfound knowledge into practice. Guided by the experts from Ignite, the children roamed around the school premises, capturing the beauty of Victory Heights School and the vibrant energy of Sports City through their lenses.

Print and Proud:

But the excitement didn’t end there. Once the students had taken their photos, they had the unique opportunity to see their work come to life. Ignite organized a printing station where the students could select their favorite shots and have them printed out. The joy on their faces as they held their printed masterpieces was truly priceless.

The event was not only educational but also a source of inspiration for these budding photographers. It served as a reminder that with the right knowledge, creativity, and a camera, they could capture the world in their unique way.

Ignite’s visit to Victory Heights School was undoubtedly a memorable experience for all involved. It ignited a passion for photography and left a lasting impression on these Year 6 students, who are now armed with new skills and an appreciation for the art of photography. We look forward to our next visit to the school.

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