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CJA Social @ Repton School, Al Barsha

CJA Social @ Repton School, Al Barsha

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA social @ Repton School, Al Barsha, Dubai


On Wednesday 25th January the Ignite team delivered the CJA programme into another new school. Repton school in Al barsha where very keen for their year 10 art students to get creative and have some fun with photography.

The day was split into 2 sessions of around 12 students in each. We first learnt about the camera functions and how we take photos in auto mode. But buy the end of the session we started to talk about how shutter speed work and if we were to shoot in continuous mode how they would help in certain genres like sports photography.

It was great morning and we look forward to coming back to Repton very soon.

















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