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CJA Social @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai

CJA Social @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

CJA Social @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai


We recently held another Canon Juniors Academy workshop. The workshop aimed to introduce the young minds of year 5 students to the fascinating world of photography. With the guidance of experienced instructors, the participants discovered the art of capturing moments and unleashing their creative potential. Let’s delve into the highlights of this enriching workshop!

Workshop Details: The workshop was attended by 50 enthusiastic year 5 students, all eager to dive into the world of photography. The session lasted for a total of two hours, providing ample time for both theory and practical activities. The collaboration between Ignite Creative Academy and Canon Juniors Academy ensured a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Learning Camera Functions: To begin the workshop, the students were introduced to the various functions and features of a camera. The instructors familiarized them with the basics of operating a camera, including how to adjust settings and capture images. As a starting point, the students were taught how to use the auto mode, enabling them to take well-exposed photos effortlessly.

Putting Theory into Practice: After grasping the fundamentals, it was time for the students to apply their newfound knowledge. Armed with cameras provided by Canon Juniors Academy, the year 5 students embarked on a photographic adventure around the school premises and the beautiful garden area. Under the guidance of their instructors, they practiced framing their shots, experimenting with different angles, and seeking out visually captivating subjects.

Printing Their Masterpieces: Following the hands-on photography session, the students faced the delightful task of selecting their best photos. Each participant carefully reviewed their images and picked out three favorites, showcasing their developing skills and artistic flair. To bring their creations to life, the chosen photographs were then printed out, ensuring that each student had a tangible reminder of their accomplishments to take home.

Conclusion: The year 5 photography workshop at Ranches Primary School, in collaboration with Ignite Creative Academy and Canon Juniors Academy, proved to be an inspiring and educational experience. Through a combination of theory and practical application, the students were equipped with essential camera skills and encouraged to explore their creativity. The workshop not only nurtured their artistic abilities but also instilled in them a passion for storytelling through the lens. We look forward to witnessing the continued growth and artistic journeys of these young photographers in the years to come.


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