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CJA Social @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai

CJA Social @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

CJA Social @ Ranches Primary School, Dubai


We are thrilled to share the captivating details of a recent photography workshop held at Ranches Primary School in partnership with Canon Juniors Academy. This engaging workshop aimed to ignite the passion for photography among the talented year 6 students. With Ignites expertise and guidance, the participants embarked on a memorable journey of discovery and self-expression. Join us as we delve into the highlights of this empowering workshop!

Workshop Details: The workshop attracted a group of 40 enthusiastic year 6 students, eager to delve into the fascinating world of photography. With a duration of two hours, the workshop ensured a focused and immersive learning experience. Canon Juniors Academy, renowned for their commitment to nurturing young photographers, played an instrumental role in guiding the students through this artistic adventure.

Learning Camera Functions: To kickstart the workshop, the students were introduced to the fundamental functions and features of a camera. Canon Juniors Academy’s experienced instructors led engaging sessions, covering the basics of operating a camera. The participants learned how to use the auto mode effectively, allowing them to capture well-exposed and visually appealing photographs effortlessly.

Putting Theory into Practice: With the camera functions mastered, the students were eager to put their newfound knowledge into action. Armed with cameras provided by Canon Juniors Academy, the year 5 students embarked on an exciting photographic journey, exploring the school premises and the enchanting garden area. Under the careful guidance of their instructors, they experimented with framing, composition, and perspective, honing their skills and unleashing their creativity.

Printing Their Masterpieces: After a fulfilling photography session, it was time for the students to select their most remarkable photographs. Each participant carefully reviewed their images and handpicked their three best shots, showcasing their artistic vision and unique perspectives. As a special touch, Canon Juniors Academy facilitated the printing of these chosen masterpieces, ensuring that each student could proudly take home tangible reminders of their creative achievements.

Conclusion: The year 6 photography workshop at Ranches Primary School, in collaboration with Canon Juniors Academy, was an extraordinary experience that allowed young students to explore the power of visual storytelling through photography. The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical application empowered the participants to capture moments and express their creativity. We anticipate that this workshop has sparked a lifelong passion for photography in these talented year 5 students, inspiring them to continue their artistic journeys and share their unique perspectives with the world.


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