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CJA Social @ Horizon English School, Dubai

CJA Social @ Horizon English School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

CJA Social @ Horizon English School, Dubai


Recently, Canon Juniors Academy visited Horizon English School to conduct a photography workshop for two year 6 classes. This was the second time we were back at the school, after conducting a workshop for the other two year 6 classes in March.

The workshop was conducted over 4 hours and focused on teaching the students the basics of photography. The students were provided with Canon 4000d cameras and were taught how to use them effectively. They were taught about camera settings, composition, and lighting techniques.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the portrait session. The students were given the opportunity to practice taking portrait photos of each other, experimenting with different poses and angles. This was a fun and interactive session that allowed the students to get creative with their photography.

At the end of the workshop, the students selected their best photos and printed them out. They also received a Canon-branded folder to keep their photos in, along with a participation certificate to acknowledge their hard work and achievements.

Additionally, the students were given a voucher to purchase the Canon 400d camera at a discounted price. This allowed them to continue practicing their photography skills and developing their interest in photography.

Overall, the Canon Juniors Academy photography workshop at Horizon English School was a great success. The students had a fun and educational experience, and they were able to develop their skills and knowledge in photography. We hope to continue inspiring the next generation of photographers through our workshops.




























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