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CJA Social @ Gems Winchester School, Dubai

CJA Social @ Gems Winchester School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

CJA Social @ Gems Winchester School, Dubai


Introduction: At Ignite, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of photographers and artists. Recently, we had the privilege of visiting Gems Winchester School in Dubai to conduct a captivating photography workshop for Year 11 students. This workshop went beyond the art of capturing images; it delved into the business side of photography, igniting young minds with the possibilities of starting their own photography venture in the UAE.

Learning the Business of Photography: In our workshop, students had the opportunity to explore the business side of photography. They discovered what it takes to start their own photography company in the UAE, including legal requirements, startup costs, and the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in the visual arts.

Practical Experience with Canon Cameras: Equipped with Canon cameras, students put their newfound knowledge into action. They explored the campus, capturing images that would later become part of their portfolio.

Hands-On Printing: The excitement continued as students had the chance to print their best photographs. These tangible prints serve as a source of pride and a lasting reminder of their creative potential.

Nurturing Future Creatives: Our goal wasn’t just to teach photography but to inspire these young talents to pursue their passion and consider a future in photography as a viable career option. The world of photography is a vast canvas of opportunity, waiting to be explored.

A Grateful Thanks: We extend our heartfelt thanks to Gems Winchester School for inviting us and for their dedication to nurturing creativity and a spirit of entrepreneurship in their students.


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