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CJA Social @ Gems Wellington Academy School, Al Khail, Dubai

CJA Social @ Gems Wellington Academy School, Al Khail, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

On Thursday 29th September 2022 the Ignite team hosted a CJA social event at Gems WEK school in Dubai.


We arrived at 8am and spent 4 hours with the students giving them an insight of the fundamentals of photography. The year 6 students were great and had a great time taking photos in class and around the school.

With all the students having a Canon 4000D camera for their own personal use we first went through what options you can control in auto mode and what happens if we take photographs in landscape but then also in portrait mode. Each student then picked their best landscape of portrait photo and printed it out.

After the mid morning break we headed downstairs to a break out room where we have three stations setup with different activities on them. The students then took turns at the stations to get creative with their photos. We also had an area outside where the students could go to take some really great photos. The students then got to pick their best photo taken in the break our area which they also printed out so they could take it home.

At the end of the Morning all the students got a certificate for taking part and some goodies for Canon.























Please see below a video of the morning activities.


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