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CJA Social @ Gems Founders Al Mizar School, Dubai

CJA Social @ Gems Founders Al Mizar School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA social at Gems Founders School in Al Mizar Dubai


On Thursday 17th November the Canon Juniors Academy programme visited Gems Founders Al Mizar School in Dubai.

We had 35 excited and creative students and over the 5 hours of being in the school manage to take som really great photos.

We started with around an hours theory session which included handing them getting a “My photo Album”. This album has a few pages explaining the basic of photography and a number of empty pages so the students can stick their favourite photos in that they have taken throughout the workshop.

We went to several areas of the school including the library, the football pitch, the hall and finally a few classrooms to get good backdrops.

The students best photographs will be printed and framed and placed around the school to showcase to the school how talented they are.

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