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CJA Social @ Dubai Heights Academy, Dubai

CJA Social @ Dubai Heights Academy, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA social @ Dubai Heights Academy,  Dubai


The Canon Juniors Academy recently held a photography workshop at the Dubai Heights Academy School, and it was a huge success. The workshop was open to students from year 5 to year 9, and it provided them with an exciting opportunity to learn about the art of photography.

The workshop began with an introduction to the basics of photography, including how to use a camera and how to compose a shot. The children then had the opportunity to take photographs around the school campus, with a particular focus on capturing images of the animals on site and their friends in the library.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the printing session. After taking their photos, the children were able to print them out and take them home. It was a great way for the children to see the fruits of their labor and to appreciate the art of photography even more.

The Canon Juniors Academy is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of photographers. By providing children with the opportunity to learn about photography and to practice their skills, the academy hopes to instill a lifelong love of photography in young people.

The event at Dubai Heights Academy School was a testament to the success of this mission. The children who participated in the workshop had a great time and gained valuable skills and experience. They also developed a newfound appreciation for the art of photography, and many of them are sure to continue pursuing it as a hobby or even as a profession in the future.

Overall, the Canon Juniors Academy photography workshop at Dubai Heights Academy School was a fantastic event that demonstrated the power of education and hands-on learning. We look forward to seeing what these young photographers will create in the future!

























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