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CJA Photowalk @ DIA School, Emirates Hills, Dubai

CJA Photowalk @ DIA School, Emirates Hills, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA social @ DIA School, Emirates Hills, Dubai


The year 10 students of DIA School got a photography photowalk in “Old Dubai” in an area called Al Bastikya. In total there was 53 students that took part and each student got a Canon 4000d camera to use.

We spoke about angles and shapes and how to be super creative with their photos. As we made our way through Al Bastikya we come to the spice souk which is always a great area for photography.

After the 4 hour tour we got back on the bus and arrived back to the school where all the students downloaded their photos so they could use them as part of their school work.

The Ignite team look forward to working with DIA again in the future.

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