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CJA Social @ DBS School, Jumeriah Park, Dubai

CJA Social @ DBS School, Jumeriah Park, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA social @ DBS School, Jumeriah Park, Dubai


This CJA School visit was a little bit different from our usual School visits. For this school visit we had students who are studying A-level photography. The students were from years 10 & 12.

After going through some theory work around shutter speed/aperture/ISO the conversation started to drift towards the business world of photography. Questions were being asked such as how do you start your own business?, what equipment do you need?, how important is editing? and much more.

These students are just starting in the photography journey but from what the Ignite team saw they will all have great careers if they decide to enter the creative content world in the future.

We look forward to coming back and seeing your progression.


















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