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CJA Mid-Term Workshop @ Gems Wellington International School, Dubai

CJA Mid-Term Workshop @ Gems Wellington International School, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

During the October mid-term break 2022 Ignite held a CJA workshop on the fundamentals of photography.


The Ignite team held a fundamentals of photography Workshop. Spread across five mornings from 9am-12pm we had a number of students sign up to start their photography journey. We held the workshop at Gems Wellington International School in Dubai. A great location which gives the students a great place to learn and take some really cool photos.

Through the workshop the students learn all about the art storytelling, the exposure triangle, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and composition.

Each student had their own Canon 4000D camera to work for the duration of the course and was also supplied with a Level 1 workbook (which had to be completed through the week) and a photo album where the students could stick in their favourite photos from the workshop.

On completion of the workshop the students got a participation certificate from Canon.
























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