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CJA Meetup @ Rugby 7’s Dubai

CJA Meetup @ Rugby 7’s Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA Meetup where the students got to put their sports photography skills into practice.


On Sunday 13th November the Ignite team were invited to the Rugby 7’s in Dubai by the Youth Football League. The idea was to get around 15-20 students to understand sports photography a little more and have access to the football pitches were their were games being played all morning.

After sending out a social media post we quickly had 18 students signed up and excited to take part.

We meet at the 7’s at 9am where we spent the first 30 mins going through what settings we needed in the camera and how best to shoot sports photography. We slowly made our way around the pitched taking in the action and how best to photograph it.

The students were quick to realise that a fast shutter speed is required to get those freeze motion shots and once they did they were soon getting the photos that they wanted.

Stopping several times because of the warm weather we finally finished around 12pm where the students got to pick their favourite photo. This would then be edited by the Ignite team and transferred over the student to either view or print out.

You can see below a few of the photos taken on the day by the students.






































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