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CJA Meetup @ Al Bastikya, Dubai

CJA Meetup @ Al Bastikya, Dubai

Written by Nick Arundel

A CJA Photowalk through Al Bastikya, Dubai


On Sunday 27th November in Al Bastikya, Ignite held a CJA Meetup which included 6 students.

Each student was given a Canon 4000D camera for the 3 hours to capture some amazing photos as we walked around the “Old Dubai”

The students were aged from 11-16 who were all different levels of their photography journey. Some took photos in manual mode and the others were happy taking photos in manual mode.

The photowalk took as through the newer area of Al Fahaidi. We then we made our way to spice souk where we took photos of all the different spices in the many shops in this area.














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