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CJA Workshop – December 2020

CJA Workshop – December 2020

Written by Nick Arundel

After a long few months of Covid restrictions, Ignite Creative Academy and Canon were invited to Gems DAA school in Al Barsha to run a half term workshop.


The 9 students that signed up were super excited (as were we) to be back teaching face to face with our students.

The workshop run for 15 hours over 5 days and the students would get to spend these hours leaning about all the fundamentals of photography. the schools super cool interior design and facilities made it super easy for the students to take some photos that went along with the theory side of the workshop.

Through the workshop the students learnt all about the functions of the camera, what exposure is and how to change their camera from auto to manual mode.



At the end off the workshop the students got to keep their completed workbook and had quite a few photos to take how that they had printed out. they also received a certificate of participation from canon for taking part.

Ignites media team managed to capture the best parts of the week in this small video.

We look forward top seeing these students again at another workshop!

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