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CJA Camp – April 2022

CJA Camp – April 2022

Written by Martin Turner

For the April half term break, Canon Juniors Academy in partnership with Challenging Adventure was back camping in the Rak mountains. 


The 3 day/2night camp had an exciting itinerary which included lots of photography and a couple of adrenaline activities to split the days up. 

Upon arriving at the camp early on Monday morning the group of budding photographers were shown around the camp and were given to settle in. Around 11am the Challenging Adventures team leaders did some energiser activities so everyone got to know each other. 

Once lunch was over all the photographer equipment was handed out to the students they were ready for our first photography walk out into the mountains. It was a hot day but that didn’t lower the spirits of the group as they were taking some great photos of the rugged landscape and of the many goats that live in the mountains. The students were told that any of their photos that they took that “stood out” they were to make a mental note as when they got back to the camp site they would be print it off and stick it in their workbooks. On the final day the students would their best photo forward into a competition for the best photo in camp. 













That evening after dinner we all sat around campfire eating marshmallows toasted on the fire whilst playing with long exposure photography which included doing some cool light painting which the students loved. 

The second day started with breakfast and once everyone was ready for the day we set out on another photography walk. This was a 3hour round trip into the base of the RAK mountains. We would come across abandoned villages and large rock formations which made for some epic photos. 

Back at camp the students rested in the swimming pool which was nice and cool and clear as the water was straight from the mountains next to us. 

After lunch was the adrenaline activity included In the camp activities which was rock climbing!!  

A 3-hour course across the face of one of the mountains close to the camp. It required teamwork, encouragement and for some the students a bit of bravery to get around the course. We even stopped a couple of times to get out of cameras to take a few photos of our view from up high when it was sage to do so. We even managed to capture the sunset from the end of the course which was epic. 

That evening we did a night walk with our cameras. Using the camera flash on the Canon 4000D’s we managed to capture a few little bugs…please a scorpion hiding under some rocks. 

The third and final morning was about the students finishing off their workbooks, entering their photo for the competition and an energiser activity around the camps assault course. 

Each student got a certificate for attending and they take back their workbooks with all the photos they took whilst on the camp 

We looking forwards to the next camp with challenging adventure. 

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