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CJA Fun Day @ Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi – September 2022

CJA Fun Day @ Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi – September 2022

Written by Nick Arundel

On Sunday 11th September 2022 Cranleigh School hosted a fun day where all of the Aldar Network of schools based in Abu Dhabi were invited to a 2 hour session to find out more about the fundamentals of photography.


The photography funday would start at 10am and finish at 2pm and each session would last 2 hours. Over 150 students attended and took away with them some additional knowledge around many topics of photography

We had 5 photography stations setup with cameras around the school and the students had 20 minutes at each station.

Station 1 was to learn about shutter speed and how it can create freeze motion and movement in the photo, station 2 was flash portrait photography, station 3 was adobe lightroom editing and understanding how you can make your photos stand out with some tips and tricks, station 4 was learning about aperture and how depth of field works in the camera and finally station 5 was “create your own moment” where the students got creative taking photos around the school.









The student would then pick their favourite “create your own moment” photo which would then be forwarded into a competition where the winner would win a brand new Canon 4000D camera.

Please see below a video of the days activities.

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